Liberty Mutual Establishes Visibility at the 2014 World Cup


3D Illustration (via PhotoShop) • Package Design • Production Design

As a major sponsor of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Liberty Mutual requested soccer ball graphics that incorporated the flags of countries where they do business. The soccer ball graphics were used along with other FIFA-approved graphics.

Bolla-do-Mundo (Ball of the world)
Posters, banners and other collateral integrated my soccer ball graphics with other FIFA-approved graphics.
FIFA 2014 World Cup, Bolla-do-Mundo
In key frames of video presentations, this 3D ball rotated featured country flags into view (the ball was rendered and animated using PhotoShop's 3D engine).
FIFA 2014 World Cup, Bolla-do-Mundo
This carrying case was used to ship a soccer ball around the world; the ball was signed by World Cup soccer teams and then passed on. The case included a drawer/pull-out for related literature.