Boston Gigs

A constant stream of at-home freelancing can keep a person too much inside of a bubble. Occasional contract work with Boston talent agencies offered me a change of scenery and welcome interaction with other designers!

Having contracted for 20+ years, I've gotten pretty good at quickly acclimating to a variety of industry settings and corporate cultures. Below is some of the work I produced while adhering to specific brand standards.

Sales sheets for PartyLite Candles
With lighted candles in just about every cubicle, PartyLite was by far, the best smelling office I had ever worked in … but I do recall one little mishap, when an employee's spreadsheet had a chance encounter with one of her scented votives … The particular fires that I was asked to put out there were related to promotional product sheets and catalogue spreads.
Branded promo collateral for
Brochures, mailers and web banners were among the array of promotional pieces produced within the branding guidelines specified by
Sales sheets for iMakeNews
As part of a global refresh, iMakeNews needed assistance with producing miscellaneous print pieces prior to the launch of their updated web site.
Employee benefits enrollment packages, Cover Spread, Mercer
Inside page spread of a Mercer, Employee benefits enrollment package
At Mercer (the world's largest human resources consulting firm), I assumed interchangeable roles on print and web teams, producing informational employee benefits pieces. Custom employee micro sites were developed for companies such as Dow Jones, Toyota and Thomson Reuters. Also produced PowerPoint presentations for sales meetings and internal communications.