Branding Consultant for Residential Recycling Committee


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The Need

In response to being rated one of Rhode Island's worst communities for excessive waste, I joined forces with fellow residents, students and Town Officials. Our mission was to inform Bristolians of the expenses incurred by not recycling, and to increase their environmental awareness.

The Solution

One major achievement was custom-built recycling stations installed in every school. In a few short months, SEVERAL TONS of recyclable, compostable materials were already diverted from the landfill!

Tom's work is spectacular! He is quick, efficient and friendly - and more importantly he listens and creates exactly what you want. His creativity allows for an even better finished result than you may have been anticipating. I highly recommend Tom!
Timothy Sweeney, Vice Chairman Bristol Town Council
Tom guided us in developing our ‘brand’ and on how to appeal visually to Bristol’s residents so they’d support our efforts. The results? Recycling rates increased by 30% in two years! We couldn’t have done it without Tom’s commitment and skill.
Keith Maloney, Chairman for Bristol Recycles Committee
Doorhanger for Bristol Recycles July Fourth Drive
About the stars and stripes:
While shameless in their poor recycling habits, Bristolians proudly brag about having the oldest, largest Fourth of July celebration in the country. That said, you can see where we were going with all the Americana!
Newspaper ad for Bristol Recycles/Earth Day Event Newsletter/handout for Bristol's first annual recycles day event Poster and newspaper ad for Bristol's first annual recycles day event