Branding for Pottery Painting/Glass Fusing Studio


Branding • Illustration • Copywriting • WordPress Website • Social Media • Print Collateral • Embroidered Hats • Silkscreened T-shirts

The Need

  • With child and adult audiences, the new owner of this studio wanted a look that was both fun and sophisticated;
  • She absolutely wanted to use the color purple;
  • The original logo's ‘Personally Painted Pottery’ tagline overlooked some of the studio's other offerings;
  • She wanted a responsive website that was easier to navigate.

The Solution

  • New logo and typography achieved a fun and sophisticated look;
  • Complimentary colors and patterns accompanied the mandatory purple swatch;
  • The new tagline, ‘hand-made gifts • hands-on fun’ communicates a more inclusive message, while stylized hands and craft items stand in as supporting graphics;
  • Her new easy-to-navigate site compliments her Facebook page.

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Tom carefully planned out my new look with a cohesive strategy. While patient and available for any of my tweaks, he was unafraid to point out any disconnects—he helped me to stay focused. I am fortunate to have worked with a creative director who knew what I needed, and I am so very proud of the investment I have made!
Martha Trainor, Owner of Clayground Studios
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A variety of custom patterns complete the Clayground brand