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A Recognized Leader in Child Forensic Psychiatry

This project is not so much an achievement in great design, but more so in establishing a clean, organized hierarchy for a man with many credientials.


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The Need

  • The Doctor's resumé needed special attention, as his credentials are extensive;
  • He wanted absolute control over editing and updating the resumé;
  • Leary of spam and malware he did not want a WordPress website.

The Solution

  • The resumé was sectioned into accordion panels, making large blocks of information much easier for readers to interact with and absorb;
  • Each accordion panel includes an embedded Google Doc, which the Doctor can easily access and update (see figure below);
  • The Doctor can log into Google Drive, make updates on his own, and the site will update in real time.

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Tom Slater is a treasure. He knew exactly what I needed for my new website and created a beautiful one. He is patient, extremely professional, and he is a terrific communicator. Whatever your creative needs, Tom is your man!
Stephen P. Herman, M.D.

Collaged arrangement of the website pages
Figure of accordion elements containing embedded Google Docs
With little time or desire to learn WordPress, this doctor still wants control over updating his online resumé. Embedding individual Google docs into correlating accordion panels allows him to do just that.