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Competing with other insurance carriers, MetLife spared no expense when it came to shmoozing their independent agents. The motive was getting high-gloss promotional incentives into the hands of those agents, and keeping them there for as long as possible.

Lucky for me, I was assigned to many of these projects and given a generous amount of creative license. I could specify printing extravagances such as: premium papers, spot colors, foil stamping, embossing, special die cut formats and pop-up graphics.

Metropolitan Life Home & Auto, Boat Sales Kit
Chock-full of material, the format of this kit used angular folds, peepholes and flaps which successfully enticed agents to rummage and absorb. Many agents mentioned that they held onto this piece – long after the promotion had expired.
Metropolitan Life Home & Auto, AutoKit Sales Kit
With as much material as the boat kit, the “retro” look of this piece made for an even more successful promotion. Using recycled paper and soy inks also made for a greener, more economical package.
Metropolitan Life Home & Auto, Boat Sales Kit
This piece needed to stand out as a keepsake amid competing promotions. To dazzle independent agents, this brochure included three spot colors (custom inks), unique die cuts and popup graphics.

Your artwork is truly top notch … the BEST!

I have numerous examples of "nice to have" marketing programs that your extra, extra effort and creative insight made happen.

Thankfully, you never settled for "okay" work considered acceptable by your boss. Instead, you aimed for high quality and it showed in all of your fine work.

From this marketeer's perspective, that high quality is what differentiated us from the competition, and more important—delivered results (as reflected in the organization's numbers).
Marilyn Gorman, Marketing Manager
As a talented graphic designer, illustrator and web developer, Tom handled a multitude of high-level design jobs here at MetLife. He interacted with various clients in order to establish and communicate their design needs. His inquisitiveness is contagious and sparks the thought processes of individuals in ways that never occurred to them.

I hold Tom in extremely high regard as both a colleague and a friend. With complete confidence, I could always rely on him to work tirelessly when undertaking any endeavor. With his wonderful sense of humor, Tom can add a smile to everyones day. He is truly a unique individual and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Tom as an talented artist and graphic designer.
Jill Hynes, Multimedia Specialist
Over the course of 20 years, I have worked with Tom as a peer at MetLife and also hired him as a consultant for my own business.

Tom is a very talented illustrator and designer; trust him with any creative challenge and he will consistently exceed your expectations.

Tom is professional and detail-oriented. His work is rich, unique and effective—and I highly recommend him as a key resource for any creative challenge.
David Hoyos, President & CEO of DHCS, Inc.