The Phoenix Restaurant Website
Most graphic issues were resolved while redesigning the print menus, so wireframing the website came together rather quickly!

Menu & Website Design for Family Restaurant


Logo Refresh • Photoshoot Direction • Print Menus • Website Wireframing

The Need

My colleague, Beth approached me with one of her projects, where restauranteers wanted to raise the bar on their existing menus and then launch a matching website:

  • The owners were committed to their phoenix logo;
  • Their three existing menus were very hard to differentiate, and congested layouts compromised legibility;
  • Printed in B&W on colored stock, these photocopied menus needed more visual appeal and imagery.
  • A new website was to compliment the new menu design.

The Solution

  • The owners were thrilled when we re-worked their logo's typography;
  • Refined typography and color-coding clearly differentiated the menus and greatly improved legibility;
  • The new menus are crisp, colorful, and filled with appetizing images;
  • Following menu redesigns, the website came together rather quickly!
I have learned so much collaborating with Tom over the years, and will always look to him for design feedback. I have seen him in action tackling the most difficult design challenges and turning them into successful solutions.
Beth Zell, Independent Graphic Design Professional
Breakfast Menu for Phoenix Restaurant Lunch Menu for Phoenix Restaurant Dinner Menu for Phoenix Restaurant