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From cuneiform to digital type, I wanted my students to appreciate the role of typography throughout the ages – not only as a vital means of communication – but also as an exquisite artform unto itself.

Study Guide for Bachelors Level, Typography II Course


Booklet/Study Guide • Capstone Assignment

Syllabus Requisites

When scheduled to teach this Bachelor's level course at New England Institute of Technology, I noted the syllabus as expressly stating that students must successfully demonstrate a discerning approach to typographic principles and practices.

With that single outcome objective in mind, I became frustrated with the study material that I found on the matter, as most offered rich information in some areas, while being way too vague in others … this booklet is a streamlined compilation of those materials.

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Tom and I taught courses that were often co-requisites, which required frequent communication and collaboration. Tom was always readily available to discuss the needs of the courses, and ways we could improve student outcomes and deliverables.

One element that really impressed me in Tom’s teaching was his willingness to stay after class with students to answer their questions, and this would happen frequently—such a fantastic commitment to student success!
Ajay Colletta, Assistant Professor, Graphic, Multimedia and Web Design Dept.
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